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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 6 star energy report?

A 6 Star energy efficiency rating applies to your home's building envelope – its roof, walls, floor and windows. The thermal performance assessment is completed using NatHERS approved software that gives a rating showing how energy efficient a home is.

Do I need a 6 star energy report?

All new homes, home renovations, alterations and additions need to comply with the 6 Star Standard in the National Construction Code. If you're building a new home or completing a renovation then you will need a 6 star report.

What does the process involve?

In order to get your 6 star report you just need to email through your working drawings! Then 24-48 hours later we will email you back with a preview of the report as well as an invoice. Once payment has been made we will then email the full report and the stamped working drawings.

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